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VIP Group

Unlock the full potential of your CSGO betting journey with my exclusive VIP Group. This premium, closed community is designed for those who are serious about maximizing their profits and gaining access to my most valuable insights.

As a VIP member, you’ll benefit from my intense dedication to your success, as well as a wealth of resources and high-quality betting picks that distinguish you from other bettors and give you a competitive edge.


There are 4 VIP tiers – based on the subscription period. For now, the perks are the same for all levels.


Distinctive VIP Role: Stand Out with a Special Discord Server Status

      • As a VIP member, you’ll be granted a unique role within our Discord server, showcasing your prestigious VIP membership and setting you apart from the rest of the community.
      • This special role is represented by a distinct name color, making it easy for other members to recognize your elite status and dedication to CSGO betting excellence.
      • By proudly displaying your VIP role, you’ll not only enjoy the recognition and respect of your peers but also contribute to the overall prestige and exclusivity of our VIP Group.
      • This subtle yet impactful perk serves as a constant reminder of your commitment to maximizing your profits and enhancing your CSGO betting journey, while also inspiring others to strive for similar success.
      • 1 Week VIP Group Discord Role
      • 2 Weeks VIP Group Discord Role
      • 1 Month VIP Group Discord Role
      • 3 Months VIP Group Discord Role

Private VIP chatroom: The Power of Collaboration

      • As a VIP member, you’ll gain exclusive access to our private VIP chatroom, where you can connect with fellow elite bettors and share insights, strategies, and tips.
      • This collaborative space is designed to strengthen a supportive and engaging environment, allowing you to tap into the collective wisdom of our dedicated community.
      • You’ll enjoy direct communication, engaging in real-time conversations with me and other VIP members, ensuring you’re always in the loop and up-to-date with the latest betting insights.
      • Benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by our experienced members, helping you make informed decisions and maximize your profits.
      • Participate in stimulating discussions about betting, trends, and game analysis, sharpening your skills and broadening your perspective.
      • Build long-lasting relationships with other CSGO betting enthusiasts who share your passion, forming a solid support network and sense of friendship.

Exclusive VIP Betting Picks: In-Depth Analysis, Optimal Bet Sizes, and Top Odds Recommendations

      • As a VIP member, you’ll receive daily access to exclusive, high-value betting picks, carefully selected and analyzed to maximize your profit potential. The number of picks may vary from 2 to 10, if not even more, depending on the day’s betting opportunities.
      • Each pick comes with a comprehensive analysis, including recommended bet sizes and the best odds available, ensuring you’re equipped with the necessary information to make informed decisions.
      • Our VIP picks primarily focus on pre-match bets, accompanied by easy-to-understand write-ups that explain the reasoning behind each selection. Additionally, live bets are also shared within the group to capitalize on real-time opportunities.
      • To keep you ahead of the game, our VIP picks are typically posted early in the morning (CET – GMT +2 time zone), giving you plenty of time to review and place your bets before the matches begin.
      • By leveraging the expertise and insights provided in our VIP picks, you’ll be well-positioned to enhance your betting adventure, increase your profits, and gain a competitive edge in the CSGO betting landscape.
      • Our transparent stats demonstrate that these high-value picks offer a low-risk investment opportunity, consistently yielding profits month after month. While not a get-rich-quick scheme, our approach focuses on steady, long-term gains, ensuring a sustainable and profitable CS:GO betting experience.

Comprehensive VIP Betting Resources: Guide, Blacklist

      • As a VIP member, you’ll gain access to an extensive collection of valuable betting resources, designed to elevate your betting experience and optimize your decision-making process.
      • In addition to the FREE Betting Guide, you’ll receive a dedicated VIP Guide, tailored specifically for the VIP Group. This guide covers essential topics such as how to approach VIP picks, bankroll management, common mistakes to avoid, where to bet, and strategies for overcoming betting limits.
      • Blacklist provides insights on which tournaments, matches, and teams to stay away from, ensuring you make the most informed choices and minimize potential risks. The current CSGO betting scene is oversaturated by match fixing, cheating, and other shady stuff behind the scenes that an average user has no clue about.
      • The combination of these comprehensive betting resources, and mistake avoidance tips will empower you to make smarter decisions, ultimately leading to a more profitable and enjoyable CSGO betting experience. 

Post-Game Analysis: Betting Journal for Continuous Improvement

      • As a VIP member, you’ll benefit from my daily post-game analysis, providing a detailed breakdown of the picks from previous days, whether they were successful or not. This comprehensive betting journal is designed to help you learn from each experience and continuously improve.
      • My honest analysis dives into the reasons behind the outcomes of each pick, identifying key factors that contributed to the results. By understanding what went right or wrong, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions in the future.
      • I also examine the sustainability of successful picks, ensuring that our betting approach remains grounded in solid reasoning rather than relying on luck. This critical evaluation helps you maintain a consistent and profitable betting experience.

Top Priority Treatment: VIP Members Receive Unparalleled Support and Dedication

      • As a VIP member, you’ll enjoy a special status within our community, receiving top priority treatment and my unwavering dedication to your success.
      • I am always available to assist you with any questions or concerns related to betting, as well as any other topics you’d like to discuss. My commitment to your success extends beyond the realm of CSGO betting, as I genuinely care about your overall well-being and growth.
      • This personalized support ensures that you receive the guidance and attention you need to excel in your betting journey, fostering a strong sense of trust and partnership between us.
      • By prioritizing the needs and success of our VIP members, I am able to provide a level of service and dedication that sets our community apart from others, making the VIP Group the pinnacle of my work and life.

🖨️Exclusive Money-Printer Picks: Rare Opportunities for Exceptional Profits

      • As a VIP member, you’ll gain access to our exclusive money-printer picks, which are rare, high-value betting opportunities that arise occasionally.
      • The frequency of these picks may vary, with some months offering more opportunities than others. However, each money-printer pick represents a significant chance to maximize your profits.
      • These picks primarily focus on exploiting massive errors made by bookies, often in the lowest tiers of CS. With a success rate of 90% or higher, these picks are as close to guaranteed wins as possible.
      • Previously, I operated a separate service dedicated solely to these money-printer picks (you can check the stats here). However, I have since transitioned this service into an exclusive perk for VIP members, further enhancing the value of your VIP membership.

I’m always brainstorming new and innovative ideas to enhance the VIP Group experience, and I look forward to implementing them in the future.


1 Week VIP



  • Weekly subscription
  • 1 Week VIP Discord Role
  • Access to Private VIP chatroom
  • Daily High-Value VIP Picks
  • Access to Betting Resources
  • Access to Post-Game Analysis
  • Top-priority treatment
  • 🖨️ Rare Money Printer picks

2 Weeks VIP



  • Bi-Weekly subscription
  • 2 Weeks VIP Discord Role
  • Access to Private VIP chatroom
  • Daily High-Value VIP Picks
  • Access to Betting Resources
  • Access to Post-Game Analysis
  • Top-priority treatment
  • 🖨️ Rare Money Printer picks

1 Month VIP



  • Monthly subscription
  • 1 Month VIP Discord Role
  • Access to Private VIP chatroom
  • Daily High-Value VIP Picks
  • Access to Betting Resources
  • Access to Post-Game Analysis
  • Top-priority treatment
  • 🖨️ Rare Money Printer picks

3 Months VIP



  • 3 Months subscription
  • 3 Months VIP Discord Role
  • Access to Private VIP chatroom
  • Daily High-Value VIP Picks
  • Access to Betting Resources
  • Access to Post-Game Analysis
  • Top-priority treatment
  • 🖨️ Rare Money Printer picks

You can pay via PayPal using a simple, automated service Sellix – https://pepobets.sellix.io/

Message me on Discord (Pepo#8549) if you want to pay with crypto. I accept every coin.

If you wish to pay in any other way, we can discuss that also.

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