👑 VIP Group

Pepo VIP Spreadsheet


Check out the spreadsheet to view all the statistics from the prototypes of the VIP group until the present.

The VIP group is a premium closed community of people who are interested in CSGO betting,

want to be as profitable as possible in the long run, are willing to learn and improve together.

To retain it’s value, it is priced accordingly. The group is not just a money grabber unlike some other ones.

The actual picks backed up by transparent tracked stats are just one of the key features of it. ㅤ

Of course, this is also a way to support me financially. I am honest about the fact that it makes me some extra money which helps me a lot and motivates me to continue working hard.

I try to invest back into the community to keep growing.

Why you should become a member

There are 4 VIP tiers – based on the subscription period. For now, the perks are the same for all levels.

Special role in the Discord server

Private VIP chatroom

      •  you are basically joining a closed, friendly community of likeminded people – it is a great environment

VIP Picks with proper analysis, bet size, the best odds – where to bet 

      • these are the regular high-value picks that I post every day 
      • the amount varies – it can be anywhere from 2 up to 15 picks, depending on the busyness of the day
      • I post mainly pre-match bets with detailed write-ups, but live bets are also a part of the group
      • I usually post early in the morning (CET – UTC +1 time zone)

Dedicated Guide to the VIP Group

      • apart from the FREE Betting Guide, you get access to a special guide dedicated to the VIP Group
      • it is about how to approach the VIP picks, how to manage your bankroll, common mistakes to stay away from, where to bet, how to overcome the betting limits, etc.

Blacklist for tournaments/matches/teams

      • you get an access to the updated blacklist for all the shady stuff (match fixing, cheaters)
      • what to avoid and be aware of at the moment, but also the past

Daily post-game analysis of the picks – journal

      • I write down an honest analysis of the picks from the previous days
      • if they went wrong – why, what happened, and even if they went right – if it is sustainable, and whether luck did not come into play

Top priority treatment from me

      • as a VIP member, you have a special status for me
      • I am always available to help you with everything regarding betting or anything else

🖨️Rare occasional money-printer picks

      • these are some limited picks that occur once in a while
      • sometimes there is a lot of them in a month, sometimes less – I cannot specify the amount
      • mainly these are some massive errors from the bookies that we exploit, usually in the lowest tiers of CS
      • most of these picks are as close as possible to being guaranteed wins (90+%)
    • I used to run a separate service specialized purely in these picks (you can check the stats here
    • however, I stopped with the service long time ago and transitioned it as the perk of being a VIP member

There are many other cool ideas that I have in my mind, and will try to implement in the future.


1 Week VIP – 25 €

2 Weeks VIP – 45 €

1 Month VIP – 75 €

3 Months VIP – 200 €


You can pay via PayPal using a simple, automated service Sellix – https://pepobets.sellix.io/

Message me on Discord (Pepo#8549) if you want to pay with crypto. I accept every coin.

If you wish to pay in any other way, we can discuss that also.

Become a part of the community now!