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The stats for VIP group are tracked separately.
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PepoBets April

These are stats for all the free bets I have posted since the creation of the Discord server.
It’s still an overall profit. But it’s a bit less impressive. Probably not when it comes to general betting, but I know I can do way better.



581 ✅413 ❌  (bet amount ranging from 1 to 5 units)

Total bets: 994

Total profit: +211 units ✅

ROI: +6.23% ✅

Average odds: 1.9

I have been doing these so-called Picks Of The Day
I mostly posted them on Reddit r/sportsbook. These are the best picks on more popular CS matches.



121 ✅78 ❌  (bet amount ranging from 1 to 5 units)

Total bets: 199

Total profit: +40 units ✅

ROI: +4.62% ✅

Average odds: 1.75

This ‘Money Printer‘ is a unique project I ran. You probably haven’t seen anything like it. But that’s the prime example that characterizes my work the best.

When you look at these stats, you must think that this is fake or that there is some catch. Well, there is none.

Because of my knowledge and deep research, I can find a hole in the system. Sometimes the betting sites price low-tier match super wrongly. The projected heavy underdog is a massive favorite in reality.

Unfortunately, these types of matches are quite uncommon, and you can’t expect them daily. However, good things come to those who wait.


70 ✅ 10 ❌  (all the bets are projected with same bet size of 100u)

Total bets: 80

Total profit: +6500 units ✅

ROI: +81.27% ✅

Average odds: 2.03

The project is no longer active, and the stats will not be updated separately anymore. I decided to make it a part of the VIP Group.

Last Updated: 1st of May 2023

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