👨‍💼 About Me


I started to play CS:GO 7 years ago as a kid. The game felt different, and I fell in love with it. I always wanted to be the best, and the competitiveness is still inside me. I played over 10000 hours and achieved almost 4000 ELO on Faceit.

As a semi-professional player, I got to know many professional players. The skill gap between them and me is not so massive.

All this first hand knowledge helps me to have unique insight into the matches and information unavailable to the average player. 

That’s what differentiates me from the others.


Not long after I started playing the game, I came in touch with the first CSGO skins betting and gambling. In the beginning, it was nothing serious. I was barely making any profit and took it only for fun.
As I grew up, gaining new experiences, watching, and improving, it started to get more serious.
As 2022 began, I created a Discord server to share my picks and analysis. The community quickly grew as we had some insane streaks and stats.
There have been good and bad moments where I wanted to give up and not continue with this project, but that’s life.
I still see huge potential in the future in betting and running a wonderful community like this one!


I have always been struggling with money. However, there were moments when I made an incredible amount of money as a kid. I have wagered millions of dollars over the years. I made some dramatic mistakes but learned my lesson.
At one point, I suddenly had more than $100k from nothing in a couple of weeks. Because of my dramatic mistakes, poor bankroll management, and gambling addiction, the wealth quickly vanished. I decided to do a betting guide that acts like a self-reflection book but mainly helps others.


I have been through tough times, but I never give up. Every wrong decision, every mistake, and blunder is a lesson and a good experience for the future.
I am open to any form of constructive criticism and feedback.
I am always willing to try new things, and become a better version of myself.



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